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The colourful balloons at Finsbury Park Staion are from the 1980's

balloon mosaics finsbury park underground

Piccadilly Line Platforms

Balloon Mosaic, Finsbury Park

Balloon Mosaic, Finsbury Park

Balloon Mosaic Finsbury Park

Balloon Mosaic, Finsbury Park

The balloon mosaics are a fantastic, sight on the walls of the Piccadilly Line platforms at Finsbury Park Underground Station.

Designed by Annabel Grey, they were installed in the early 1980's as part of a renovation programme undertaken by London Regional Transport.

There are 6 individually designed panels on each platform. Each is 25' high and between 10-14' wide and made of 20mm square glass tiles.

You can see photos of all 6 designs on platform 3, southbound, Piccadilly Line on my facebook page.

(It is interesting that the mosaic extends to the opening of the tunnel; the photo gallery shows part of this detail).

Annabel also produced the enamel wall panels at Marble Arch underground station (

Annabel Grey Balloon Mosaics:

Annabel now lives in Norfolk, and runs her own printed textiles company:

Annabel Grey Balloon Fabrics:

Piece about the mosaics on blog: 150 Great Things about the Underground

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