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The park is a fantastic urban green space, with lots to do

finsbury park

Finsbury Park, London, the World

Finsbury park

Avenue of London Plane Trees, Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park

Boating Lake

Finsbury Park

Feed the Finsbury Park Swans and Ducks for a quid

Finsbury Park

Treasure machines, 20p

Ice Cream in Finsbury Park

I scream, you scream..

There is masses to do in Finsbury Park.

A running track, tennis courts, bowling green, indoor and open-air gym. American football, skatepark. Baseball, football. A kids playground, a drumming circle on Sunday evenings, a cricket pitch and open-air gym.

You can have lunch or a cuppa in Finsbury Park or Park View café, do yoga under a tree, hire a boat on the lake (£8 for 30mins), or go for a run on a Saturday while most folks still in bed.

If you fancy a walk you can access the Parkland Walk, become an amateur arborist with a Finsbury Park tree trail (PDF), or do a mile-and-a-half around the park. There is even an art gallery (

..or you can simply enjoy a pleasant stroll, feed the ducks, admire the amazing variety of trees, maybe with an ice-cream or a picnic on a sunny day.

Finsbury park, a potted history

Finsbury Park was officially opened on the 7th August 1869. Previously it was an area of woodland in the Brownwood manor, called Hornsey Wood. A tea-room was opened in the mid-18th century, which later becoming the Hornsey Wood Taven, which was later demolished.

The Park was created in response to the rapid urbanisation of London in the mid-19th century and the need for green space for the expanding population.

During the World War I, Finsbury Park was used for political meetings , including pacifist campaigns, and during The Second World War the park was used to store heavy weaponry.

In recent years the Finsbury Park has been used as a music venue, concerts including The Arctic Monkeys, the Sex Pistols, Pulp, Oasis, Paul Weller, New Order, KISS, Bob Dylan, Madness and Pride.

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